Governance of CPME

CPME operates under collegial governance that puts micro, small and medium-sized company owners at the heart of all decision-making. Chaired by an entrepreneur elected for a term of 5 years renewable once, governance is provided by 4 bodies:

  • The Executive Committee is responsible for supporting the president in his strategic decisions. It is composed of elected members, entrepreneurs in business, who spend part of their time involved in volunteer work to  CPME.
  • The Board of Directors, a permanent body that checks and approves decisions made by the Confederation, informs and advises the President. 
  • The Steering Committee meets every month, federating members from territorial unions and professional federations. It’s a  privileged place for dialogue, where current affairs are discussed. 
  • Every year, the General Assembly presents to all members the activity report and the financial report for the past year and the major future projects for the Confederation. 

Président et élus confédéraux

100% of CPME’s elected representatives are micro, small or medium-sized business managers.
Our national elected representatives:

  • François Asselin, President
  • Jean-Lou Blachier, Deputy Vice-President
  • Eric Chevée, Vice-President for Social Affairs and Training
  • Bénédicte Caron, Vice-President for Economic Affairs
  • François Turcas, Vice-President for International  Affairs
  • Geneviève Bel, Vice-President for Women in Entrepreneurship
  • Gérard Bohelay, Vice-President with special responsibility for the Coordination between professional  sectors
  • Philippe Guillaume, Vice-President with special responsibility for the Coordination between territorial Unions
  • Stéphanie Pauzat, Secretary
  • François-Xavier Andrault, Treasurer